Meganite’s broad palette provides style and function on any budget. Premium Acrylic Solid Surfaces for residential and commercial applications. Durable, seamless, hygienic, stain resistant, and care-free maintenance.

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Alaska White 081A

Alaska White

Meganite Mottled Gray 932A

Mottled Gray

Meganite Artic Granite 603A

Artic Granite

Meganite Indigo Granite 736A

Indigo Granite

Meganite Kauai Beach 428A

Kauai Beach

Meganite Maximum Boulder 808A

Maximum Boulder

Meganite Moonstone Granite 674A

Moonstone Granite

Meganite MT Carrara M007

MT Carrara

Meganite MT Jade M005

MT Jade

Meganite MT Vancouver

MT Vancouver

Meganite Navajo Mist 371A

Navajo Mist

Meganite Pacific Mist 235A

Pacific Mist

Meganite Rain Cloud 519SA

Rain Cloud

Meganite Platinum Granite

Platinum Granite

Meganite Sedona Granite 706A

Sedona Granite

Meganite Shadow Concrete M021

Shadow Concrete

Meganite Silver Shards

Silver Shards

Meganite South Beach Boulder 811A

South Beach Boulder

Meganite Translucent Blue Ice 913B

Translucent Blue Ice

Meganite Olive Branch

Olive Branch

Meganite Goldrush Gemstone 819SAR

Goldrush Gemstone