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The stunning combination of durability and hygienic properties found in 100% acrylic solid surface make these products perfect for commercial applications such as Restaurants, Hosptials, Dental Offices, Family Practices, Pharmacies & More!

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Surface West Commercial Products

Industry-leading acrylic solid surfaces are our specialty here at Surface West. Our range of products and customization services make us the perfect solution for all your surface related needs, both in the residential and in the commercial sectors. Whether you are looking for a unique material to create a custom architectural design, or want to renovate your kitchen or medical practice with a clean, durable surface, we are the ones to go-to.

Architectural Surfaces

High-quality acrylic solid surfaces are integral to a commercial building. After all, your surfaces will be used regularly and seen by both your employees and clients. When done right, your surfaces can help amplify your design and brand image, but only if you invest in a durable, beautiful, and fully customizable material like Surface West’s acrylic solid surfaces.

Our acrylic solid surfaces are human-made, and use materials like acrylic, polyester, marble, and gels to create a moldable product that depends on your desired design. Once it cools, it solidifies and becomes a low-maintenance, beautiful, and hard-working material that will look great for decades.

Engineered Materials

When it comes to design possibilities, acrylic solid surfaces have near endless potential. That is what makes them so attractive to designers and architects, as you can do so much in terms of design, colour, and of course, shape.

Brands We Carry

We carry our very own Surface West products, as well as products by leading brands like Corian, Wilsonart, and Meganite. Whatever product you choose, our team will help ensure that your choice meets your exact specifications and helps make your commercial property stand out.

Solid Surface Commercial Calgary


With numerous design choices and a near-infinite amount of shaping options, you have come to the right place for customizable solid surfaces.

Food Service Industry Surfaces

The food industry needs durable surfaces, and it requires those surfaces to be easy to be cleaned and sanitized regularly. Porous materials are, therefore, entirely out of the question. All of our solid surfaces here at Surface West are processed well so that they are moisture, stain, and bacteria resistant.

Custom Solid Surfaces for Kitchens

We at Surface West are here to help you design your dream kitchen. Our products are top-notch, durable, and sanitary, making them the perfect complement to any upscale commercial kitchen.


Structural Integrity Promise

Not only are our solid surfaces durable and sanitary, but also can be designed so that they are seamless. This further increases their durability and use in the food industry.


The Design Process

We know that as a kitchen manager or building manager, you might not come with design experience. That is why we will work with you to help you create your dream kitchen using our solid surfaces.

Medical Facilities Surfaces

Perfect for medical offices of all kinds, including dental offices, our solid surfaces are the ideal way to renovate your clinic. Medical facilities must be kept sanitary, and therefore, our seamless, stain, bacteria, and water-resistant coatings are suitable for all types of practitioners. Not only do our solid surfaces here at Surface West take care of all your health and safety concerns, but they are also stunning, allowing you to provide your patients with a pleasing and relaxing environment.

Our Medical Solid Surface Products

We specialize in creating custom solid surfaces for the healthcare industry.  Through a process known as thermoforming, we can custom shape your choice of durable and sanitary material into any shape you want. It can give you absolute control and allow you to offer a higher level of service to your patients.


Our Sanitation Promise

All of our surfaces are scratch resistant and non-porous, but to be safe, they are all finished with a gel finish that makes them inaccessible to bacteria.


Durability of Products

Our solid surfaces are designed to last decades. Investing in our solid surfaces means you can renovate your office or medical facility and enjoy the savings for years. Chances are, you will want to change your surfaces for aesthetic reasons before you ever need to because of wear and tear.


Visual Appeal

With various styles and colours, and thermoforming, which allows for 3D designs, we can make any design dream you have come true.

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Get in touch with us today or visit our showroom to see the products we have on offer and learn just how our design team can help you fully realize your commercial design vision. All of our products are incredibly durable and promote a healthy environment, making them the perfect choice for all commercial properties.